How to: Application Detail and Parameter Setting

The articles below explain various drive applications so that you can make the most informed decisions and apply the products to best advantage.

Energy Saving for a Hydraulic Power Pack

Energy Saving for Hydraulic Power Packs by the addition of a Variable Speed...

Energy Saving Applications for Inverter Drives

Examples of Significant Energy Savings Available from the use of Variable F...

How to Size Generators for Soft Started Motors

How to size a generator or alternator supply for a softstarter load.

How to Safely Use a Variable Frequency Inverter Drive

How to Safely Use a Variable Frequency Inverter Drive

How to Control a Mechanical Holding Brake with an Inverter Drive

Control of a Mechanical Holding Brake with an Inverter Drive taking into account the natural delay in the brakes operation.

How To Load Share between Two Speed Controlled Motors

Describes the various control options for Variable Frequency Inverter drives when used to speed control two AC Motors in load sharing.

How to Recover Energy from a Waterwheel with a simple AC Induction Motor

Explains how to recover energy from a simple waterwheel using an AC Induction Motor

How to Size an Alternator for use with Inverters, Soft Starters & DC Thyristor Drives

How to understand Sizing an Alternator for use with Inverters & DC Thyristor Drives

How an Inverter Drive Works and Controls the Speed of an AC Induction Motor

How an Inverter Drive Works and Controls the Speed of an AC Induction Motor

How to get Maximum Torque at Low Speed from a Simple VxF Inverter

Describes the set-up proceedure for the 'Boost' parameter to provide maximum low speed torque from a simple VxF Inverter.

Advantages of Variable Speed for a home use Lathe

How to understand the advantages of fitting a variable speed Inverter Drive to a home use Lathe

How to Use Inverter Drives with RDC Earth Leakage Protected Supplies

Advise concerning the different types of RCD for use with Inverter Drives

How to set 'Power Up Start', or 'Run' from 'Supply On' for Inverter Drives

How to use or set Inverter Drives for Power Up Start when the Run input is permanently made.

6.6kV Low Harmonic Inverter to 800kW Without Input Transformer

Outline of 6.6kV Low Harmonic Inverters to 800kW Without the need for an Input Transformer.

Harmonics and Power Factor from REO UK

Helps understanding the effects of Harmonics in main supplies caused by AC Inverters and DC Thyristor Drives.

How to reverse a small DC Drive (single/two phase input)

The best way to reverse a DC motor is to use a Static Reversing DC Thyristor converter from a digital input. A Two Quadrant drive can reverse also, if it includes static reversing of the field polarity. A Single Quadrant drive with external contacts can

ACS150 fitted to Technogym Run 600 XP Pro Treadmill to replace Hitachi's SJ100-015NFE

A drive supplied from our stock was supplied on a same day delivery for a Technogym Run 600 XP Pro Treadmill.

Delta Connection in 240V 3ph for a Brook's 4 Terminal Motor

Describes the correct connections for the winding wires onto a 4 terminal brooks small power motor. Avoids Incorrect connections showing up as a drive fault.

240V Supply to a 400V AC Motor - Application Detail

A 400V x 50Hz motor can be used at 230V x 29Hz when supplied by an Inverter Drive.

Understand EMC Filters in Inverter Drives - Application Detail

Some frequency-dependant components in electronic hardware can produce electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields known as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). If the level of EMI is high enough, it can interfere with other apparatus and cause...

Increase Motor Power Output and Speed by 73%

A 73% increase in Speed and Power is available from most all small AC motors. The same for larger motors when purchased with a special winding. Simply use a 230V x 50Hz motor at 400V x 87Hz, when supplied by an Inverter Drive.

Replace an SSD 5401 Field Regulator

The SSD (Shackleton System Drives) 5401 Field Regulator has been obsolete for some years. However, they can be returned to us for forwarding to a repair specialist.

High Speed AC Motor - Application Detail

Maximum Speeds of around 7000RPM to 9000RPM are available from small standard AC motors.

Emergency Stop Circuits and Safety

All rotating machines represent a potential hazard. Before applying motor control equipment, you will need to be familiar with the legal and safety requirements for stopping the machine.

Using Inverter Drives at Home : Guidance Notes

These notes are intended to help the user complete the installation of Inverter Drive products, free from problems and risk as far as possible.

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