Teco E510s IP20 11kW 400V 3ph AC Inverter, DBr, STO, C2 EMC


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Brand: Teco, Range: E510S

Teco E510s Series AC Inverter for 11kW (15HP) 400V 3 Ph motor in V/F or Sensorless Vector control to 24A.  Converts fixed frequency three phase 400V input to variable frequency three phase 400V to control the speed of a standard AC Induction Motor or PM Synchronous Motor.

Frame: 3,  187mm Wide x 203mm Deep x 261mm High (excluding earth clamp).
Enclosure rating:  IP20.
Weight:  6.5kg.

Output: 24A, 11kW at 400V
Overload:  150% x 60 seconds. 200% for 2 seconds
Speed Control Range:  0-599Hz
Braking (DBr): Built-in braking transistor. A 43 Ohm (minimum), 50 Ohm (100% braking torque) external resistor is required for Dynamic Braking. Resistor is not supplied and should only be fitted if this feature is required. Resistor option given below. 

LED Keypad
Features:  2 Analogue Inputs, 6 Digital Inputs, 1 Analogue Output, 1 Relay Contact set, 1 NC Relay 
Fieldbus: Modbus (RTU and ASCII) and BACnet communication interface included
Safety Function: STO (Safe Torque Off) Dedicated dual input up to SIL2, PLd (Linked out as default, remove links to add safety circuit)

Input Current:  24A
Input Voltage: 380-480V Three Phase +10% -15% at 50-60Hz
Short Circuit Rating: 5kA. Where supply transformer exceeds 600kVA, 3% Impedance AC Line Chokes are required.
70A Fast Acting Fuses or 50A MCCB are required (Operation must be fast enough to ensure Short Circuit rating is not exceeded) 
EMC Filters (EMC): IEC EN61800-3 / EN61800-5-1 Class A Category C2 (Industrial and restricted Domestic). Can be disabled if required.

Mounting:  Cubicle mount via 4 x M4 holes on 250mm x 176mm centres.
Ambient:  Rated 50°C.
Ventilation space in front: [not specified].
Ventilation space above and below: 120mm.
Ventilation space at sides:  50mm.
Heat Loss at max output: [not specified]

Manufacturer Part Number: E510-415-SH3F, also known as 11-201-43-415-30. Replaces: E510-415-H3F 

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