ICPE 0.3Nm x 4000RPM x 230V AC Servo-Motor & Resolver MPR0030-4/0-3

MPR0030-4/0-3 (ACM2n-0030-4/0-3)

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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: ICPE
Range: MPR (ACM2n) Servo Motors

MPR0030-4/0-3 AC Servo Motor with Resolver fitted.  Identical to Parker SSD servo motor type ACM2n0030-4/0-3

0.3Nm Rated Torque continuous at 4000RPM for 0.8A x 230V.
0.3Nm Torque continuous at 0RPM for 0.9A.

Size 0:  55mm Square x 123mm Long body including the resolver and excluding the main shaft.
Shaft:  9mm dia x 24mm long with 3mm wide keyway.
Mounting:  Flange mount on 5.8mm dia holes at 63mm pcd with 40mm dia spigot.
Inertia:  0.1kgcm2

Weight: 1.3Kg

Manufacturers Part Number:  MPR0030-4/0-3 (Parker part number ACM2n-0030-4-0-3)

Manufactured by ICPE since its introduction in 2000 and sold under many other names including:- Parker, SSD Drives, Eurotherm Drives and ASB.
Can be found in the EasyRider servo drive programming software motor library as ACM2n0030-4.

Download the Equivalent ACM2n Servo Motor Technical Catalogue (Manual) from the link below...