12A/24A - Parvex DC Servo Drive - RTS12/24-130T

RTS 12/24A (RTS73130102R)

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Brand: Parker Parvex, Range: RTS DC Servo Drives

Parvex DC Servo Drive controller - RTS12/24A+RZ (RTS73130102R)

12A continuous rating.
24A peak
130V DC output
Input is 100V 3 phase from isolating transformer.
Minimum motor inductance is 0.8mH
Braking to Internal resistor at 100W average or max 2500W peak with 4% cycle x 1 sec.
Heat loss is 80W
Panel mounting - 150mm x 92mm x 212mm.
IP20 enclosure rating
EMC Filter - Not included
Weight is 1.8kg

Suitable for use with Brushed DC Servo motors without additional inductance and Axem DC Servo Motors when used with SF02031 external choke.

Parvex Part Number - RTS73130102R 12/24A

Replaces drives from Getty, Inland, BBC (Brown Boveri Company) and many other obsolete drives.

Use this drive in place of the BBC Axodyn 05LE10 (05 LE 10) single quadrant drives with 14.4A M19P motors fitted to Gockel knife grinders and other applications. The existing transformer and choke can be retained, if they are in good condition.

Download the Parvex RTS Servo Drive manual from the link below...

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