Vascat B5 Flange for MAC-R132 Frame Motors (R932B5)


Order Code: 28953
Obsolete Product
This item is now obsolete. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below.

Brand: Vascat, Range: Spare Parts

Aluminium B5 Flange for MAC-R132 Frame Motor. Can be used in place of existing B3 End Shield or B14 Face to convert a motor to B5 or B35 (with feet) configuration.

Consists of Flange only and does not include fixings. Remove existing End Shield or Face before fitting.

To replace existing End Shield or Flange:-

  1. Unscrew four bolts holding the existing plate in position.
  2. Using a suitable slotted screwdriver, carefully lever the plate away from the motor body a few millimetres at a time applying pressure in each of the four mountings in turn. Ensure that the plate remains parallel with the motor body and does not jam. This will take some time.
  3. Once the plate has been removed, fit the Flange and push down firmly to ensure it is correct seated.
  4. Secure the Flange using the bolts removed in step 1. Do not overtighten as the threads are Aluminium and can be stripped easily.

 Supplier Part number is R932B5