Invertek PCE - 1.5kW 230V 3ph Motor Mounting AC Inverter with Switch and Potentometer


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Obsolete Product
This item is now obsolete. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below.

Brand: Invertek, Range: Motor Mounting Inverters

Invertek PCE Series 230V Single Phase input to Three phase output AC Frequency Inverter with Forward-Off-Reverse Switch, Potentiometer and adaptor bracket for motor mounting onto a 1.5kW (2HP) Three Phase AC Motor to 7A. Operates in VxF or Sensorless Vector control. Simple set-up and ready to run from its default settings for decentralized drive applications.

Not Included, see the items linked below. The Inverter is supplied with 2 "universal" mounting brackets (1 x "shallow", 1 x "deep"). The "deep" type is compatible with both TEC and Marelli motors available from us but the motor terminal block needs to be repositioned or removed to complete the installation process.

Frame Size 1 Dimensions: 149mm wide x 100mm high x 228mm long.
Top mounted: Forward-Off-Reverse Switch and Set Speed Potentiometer.
Interface: 2 x Analogue Inputs (unipolar or bi-polar, Voltage or Current and both programmable to Digitals), 2 or 4 x Digital Inputs (4 when both Analogue are programmed as digital), 1 Relay Output and 24V x 100mA User control circuit output.
Input Voltage: 200-240V Single Phase +-10% at 50-60Hz
EMC Filters: To Category C2 and C3
Enclosure Rating: IP55
Overload: 150% x 60 seconds
Frequency Control Range: 0/500Hz

Part number is - OPC-1-12150-1KB1S

Download the Optidrive PCE Manual from the link below:-

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Obsolete Product, a replacement may be available