ABB DriveWindow 2x - Programming Software and cable for PC to ABB ACS800 AC Drives

DriveWindow 2.40 PC Card Kit RUSB (EN) (3AUA0000040000)

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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: ABB
Range: ACS Accessories

DriveWindow 2.x programming tools package for ACS800 ABB AC Frequency Inverter Drives.  English Version.

RUSB-02 Connection module for Laptop or PC
High Speed USB cable.
Fibre Optic pair with black and grey connectors.
3AFE64514849 Software Disc.

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Use with ACS800

Manufacturer is ABB Drives.

Part number - DriveWindow DriveWindow 2.40 PC Card Kit RUSB (EN) (3AUA0000040000)