ABB CDPI-01 IO Panel Bus Adapter for ACS580 & ACH580 Inverters (+K450)

CDPI-01 (3AXD50000004419)

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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: ABB
Range: ACS Accessories

ABB CDPI-01, Panel bus adapter for ACS580 & ACH580 inverters.  (Communication Adapter Module).
The CDPI-01 Communication Adapter Module can be used to connect a remote ACS-AP-x control panel to the inverter, or link the control panel or a PC to several drives on a bus.
This RS485 panel bus can have a maximum of 32 nodes and the control panel/PC is the master, and the inverters with adapter modules fitted become followers/slaves.

Protection: IP21 when installed.
Height 40mm x Width 114mm x Length 132mm

Manufacturer is: ABB
Part number is: CDPI-01 (3AXD50000004419)

Download the User Manual from the link below:-