Universal GD200A 37kW/45kW 400V 3ph AC Inverter Drive, HMI, C3 EMC


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Condition: New with Warranty
Brand: Universal Motors, Range: GD200A

Universal GD200A Series AC Inverter for 37kW (50HP) 400V 3-phase motor to 75A at high overload or 45kW (60HP) to 92A when fan and pump rated. Operates in standard VxF or Sensorless Vector Control and Converts fixed frequency three phase 400V input to variable frequency three phase 400V to control the speed of a standard AC Induction motor.

Output Current:75A
High Overload: 150% x 60 seconds; 200% x 1 second.

Output Current 92A
Fan and Pump Overload: 120% x 60 seconds

Dimensions: Size 6; 270mm Wide x 325mm Deep x 555mm High.
Enclosure Rating: IP20.
Weight: 28kg.

Speed Control Range: 0-400Hz
Braking (DBr): None.

Removable Keypad with 5 x 7 segment LED display.
2 Analogue Inputs, 8 Digital Inputs, 2 Analogue Outputs, 1 Digital Output, 2 Relay Contact sets, 1 High Frequency Input (50kHz), 1 High Frequency Output (0-50kHz)
Twin wire connection for RS485 Communications. (Modbus ASCII & Modbus RTU protocols)

Input Current: 80A High Overload, 94A Fan and Pump rated.
Input Voltage: Three Phase 380-440Vac (+10% -15%) 50/60Hz (47-63Hz)
EMC Filters: IEC EN61800-3 Second Environment (Industrial – C3). 
EMC Filter may be disabled. J10 should be fitted to enable the EMC Filter.

Mounting: Cubicle mount via 4 x holes at rear for 7mm screws on 130 x 540mm centres.
Ambient: Rated at 40°C; 50°C Max with de-rate.
Ventilation space in front: [not specified], Ventilation space above and below: 100mm, Ventilation space at sides: 100mm.
Heat Loss at max output: Not given

Part number: GD200A-037G/045P-4 (GD200A037G045P4)

Download the Universal GD200A Manual from the links below:-