Fairford Synergy Soft Starter - 160kW, 302A - SGY-303-4-01


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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: Fairford Electronics
Range: Synergy

Fairford Electronics Synergy Series Soft Starter suitable for starting standard three phase induction motors to 160kW (213HP) at 302A when connected inline or to 280kW (373HP) at 481A when connected inside Delta (both ratings are subject to application).

When connected inline; rated to suit motors and Trip Class Ratings:-
160kW, 302A at 400V – Trip Class 10 (Continuous)
132kW, 242A at 400V – Trip Class 20 (Continuous)
110kW, 195A at 400V – Trip Class 30 (Continuous)

When connected inside Delta; rated to suit motors and Trip Class Ratings:- Note Energy Saving is not available in this mode.
300kW, 523A at 400V – Trip Class 10 (Continuous)
220kW, 419A at 400V – Trip Class 20 (Continuous)
185kW, 338A at 400V – Trip Class 30 (Continuous)
(See Quick Start Guide and Trip Class Guide for guidance, also for UL current and HP ratings)

Size 3: 205mm Wide x 310mm Deep x 490mm High. IP00 (IP20/NEMA1 option - see linked products below).
Weight: 18kg.

Features include:
Integral keypad
1 Analogue Input + 1 Analogue Output @ 0-10V 10mA / 4-20mA
4 x programmable output relays (2 groups)
3 x programmable digital inputs (2 Groups @ 24Vdc or 110Vac or 230Vac +10% -15% voltage dependent voltage applied to D1-2 Com terminals)
USB terminal for data logging and parameter setting/saving.
Thermistor input (PTC).

Input Voltage: 200Vac to 480Vac, at 45-65Hz
Recommended fuses can be found in the Quick Start Guide
Aux supply options: Requires Single Phase 110V or 230V ac rms, or 24vdc

Cubicle mount.
Ventilation space above and below: 125mm
Ventilation space at sides: 60mm
Ventilation space in front: 25mm
Mounting via 4 bolts at rear on 160mm x 435mm centres.
Rated at 50 degrees C Ambient.

Manufacturer part number is SGY-303-4-01

Download the Fairford Synergy Manual from the links below:-