4.8Nm x 4000RPM x 400V AC Servo-Motor and Resolver with Holding Brake


Order Code: 19869
Obsolete Product
This item is now obsolete. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below.

Brand: Parker, Range: AC Servo Motors and Gears

ACM2n 0480-4/2-6-Br AC Servo Motor with Resolver and holding duty brake fitted.

4.8Nm Rated Torque continuous at 4000RPM for 4.9A x 400V
7Nm Torque continuous at 0RPM for 7.2A

105mm Square x 248mm Long body including the resolver, Brake and excluding the main shaft.
Shaft is 19mm dia x 40mm long with 6mm wide keyway.
Flange mount on 9mm dia holes at 115mm pcd with 95mm dia spigot
Inertia is 3.83kgcm2
Brake is 6Nm Holding Torque (holding duty only)
Brake supply is 24V DC x 0.55A to power off.

Manufacturers Part Number - ACM2n0480-4/2-6-Bbr - Was ACM2n0480-4/2-6-Br

Manufactured by ICPE since its introduction in 2000 and sold under many names including:- Parker, SSD Drives and Eurotherm Drives.

Download the ACM2n Servo Motor Technical Catalogue (Manual) from the link below...