Parvex - 10A/20A 48V x 3ph DC Servo Drive - RTS10/20

RTS10/20+RZ6602 (RTS73060102R)

Order Code: 23307

Obsolete product. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below

Brand: Parker Parvex
Range: RTS DC Servo Drives

DC Servo Drive controller.
Parvex RTS 10/20A including RZ6602 Setting Board.
10A continuous rating (20A peak) x 60V DC output
Input is 48V AC via a three phase isolating transformer type TT_11136 (not included).
IP20 enclosure rating
EMC Filter - Not included

Suitable for use with Brushed DC Servo motors without additional inductance and Axem Disc Armature DC Servo Motors when used with SF_02031 external choke. 

Parvex Part Number - RTS10/20(RTS73060102R)

Replaces drives from Getty, Inland, BBC (Brown Boveri Company) and many other obsolete drives.

Download the Parvex RTS Servo Drive manual from the link below...