Single Turn 4.7k Ohm Potentiometer, Knob & Dial


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Brand: [NA]
Range: Potentiometers

4K7 Single Turn Potentiometer and Indicating Dial to control a Set Speed, Torque or Current Limit signal for Parker AC10 or any other Inverter Drive requiring a 4.7KΩ potentiometer.

Dial: Includes 38mm dia Indicating Dial.

Shaft: 6mm diameter x 43mm long.
Mounting:  10mm threaded bush.
Dimensions:  23mm diameter body x 62mm length overall.
Linearity: 0.25%.
Rating: 0.5W at 40C.
Resistance: 4.7k Ohms +-5%.
Design: Linear plastic track with 350 degree electrical rotation.