TEC IE2 2.2kW Aluminium Three Phase Motor 230V/400V 6 Pole 112M Frame B3


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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: TEC Electric Motors
Range: TECA Three Phase IE2 Aluminium

TEC Electric - 2.2kW 3ph 6 Pole High Efficiency Foot Mounting (B3) 112M Frame AC Motor for 230V or 400V 3 phase supply.  Inverter Rated for use with a Variable Frequency Inverter Drive having 1ph or 3ph input and 3ph output, or a fixed frequency mains supply at 50Hz.

Fixed mains supply output: 2.2kW (3HP) x 945RPM at 230V or 400V x 50Hz 3ph.
Inverter Supply Output: 14:1 Speed Control range from 94.5RPM to 1323RPM continuous for 5Hz to 70Hz control, with suitable de-rating at the lower speeds, or to 1890RPM if run to 100Hz.

Full Load Current - 5.17A at 400V 3ph, or 8.95A at 230V 3ph.
Power Factor is 0.75 when mains connected at 50Hz.
Efficiency is 81.8%

220mm Wide x 395mm Long x 279mm high overall in its IP55 enclosure.
Foot mount on 12mm holes at 190mm wide x 140mm centres 70mm back from the shaft shoulder.
Shaft is 28mm dia x 60mm with 8mm wide key.
Weight is 29.5kg.

Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space required at rear cooling air intake.
Thermistor for over-temperature protection.
Part number is - TECA2-112M-6-B3

For Variable Speed use:-
Part Time Output when Inverter powered is...
11.12Nm - 2.2kW ( 2.95HP) x 1890 RPM at 100 Hz
22.23Nm -2.2kW ( 3HP) x 945 RPM at 50 Hz
22.23Nm -1.1kW ( 1.47HP) x 473 RPM at 25 Hz
22.23Nm - 0.22kW (0.29HP) x 95 RPM at 5 Hz
Continuous Output when Inverter powered is...
15.9Nm - 2.2kW ( 2.95HP) x 1323 RPM at 70 Hz
22.23Nm - 2.2kW ( 3HP) x 945 RPM at 50 Hz
18.9Nm - 0.94kW ( 1.25HP) x 473 RPM at 25 Hz
11.12Nm - 0.11kW (0.15HP) x 95 RPM at 5 Hz

Extended Warranty Available: When a TEC AC Motor is used with a TECDrive AC Inverter (see linked products below) the warranty period is 2 years (from dispatch). Standard warranty is 1 year.
For the extended warranty to be valid the TEC AC Inverter and TEC Motor must be on the same order and used together when on site.

From Jan 1st 2017, three phase electric induction motors with a rated output of 0.75kW to 375kW and efficiency less than IE3 must be equipped with a variable speed drive (Inverter Drive). For exceptions, see EC Commission Regulation 640/2009.