Ferraz Shawmut A100P1000-4 - 1000A x 750V High Speed DC Fuse

A100P1000-4 (Y217371A)

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Condition: New with Warranty
Brand: Mersen (Ferraz Shawmut), Range: Bolt On Fuse

High Speed DC Fuse for use in the 'Common DC Bus' of an AC Inverter Drive system, DC fault loop of a fully regenerative DC Thyristor Drive, or connection from a large battery or UPS supply.

Current Rating: 1000A.
Voltage Rating: 750V DC Maximum
Fault Level: 100kA Maximum
Indicator: None

Mounting:  Bolt on.
Dimensions: 209mm long over the blades with 114mm long x 88.9mm diameter body.
Fixing: 4 x 16mm Diameter holes at 158mm x 35.1 centres in the 69.9mm x 12.7mm blade.

Manufacturer is Ferraz Shawmut.
Catalogue number:  A100P1000-4
Reference Number: Y217371A

Note:  For a fully regenerative four quadrant DC drive, the fault loop can occur from the DC motor to the Thyristors when regenerating into a supply outage or significant line disturbance.