WEG DLWM - DOL Starter with Overload for 230V Single Phase Motor to 2.2kW, IP65

DLWM-18D24P65-R31 (10804990)

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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: WEG
Range: DLWM DOL Starter

WEG Automation DLWM Series 10A to 15A Enclosed Direct On Line Starter with adjustable Thermal Overload Protection for use with a 2.2kW 230V Single Phase Motor. Provides simple Start/Stop motor control combined with over-current protection.
This starter can also be used on a 110V single phase ac supply for 1.1kW (230V contactor coil needs replacing with 110V coil - see optional product below)

Size: 100mm Wide x 110mm Deep x 180mm High. IP65.
Weight: 1kg

Supply Voltage: 230-240V 50/60Hz
Trip: 10A - 15A (adjustable)
Short-circuit protection: not included.

Thermal overload reset is integrated into stop button.

Connections are:-  Supply to 1L1 & 5L3 - Motor on 4T2 & 6T3.