Sprint 3200i 32A 1Q 115V/230V AC to DC Isolated Signals

3200i/32/LN (3200i/32/LN-001)

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Condition: New with Warranty
Brand: Sprint, Range: 400i-3200i

Sprint Electric 3200i - 32A Single Quadrant Isolated DC Thyristor Drive for motor speed and torque control.

115V AC supply - 2.2kW(10.0HP) at 90V DC.
230V AC supply - 4.5kW (6.0HP) at 180VDC.
(Low voltage variants are available see links below)

Size: 200mm Wide x 110mm Deep x 150mm High. IP00
Weight: 2.0Kg

Max & Min Speed
Ramp Time
Maximum Current
Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation
Switch selectable Tacho or Armature voltage feedback
Selectable dual voltage ac supply
Aux speed or torque input (selectable)
Zero speed or Stall volt free changeover contact
Run inhibit Note  Field and power terminals remain live . (RUN must not be relied on during hazardous operations)

Input Current: 32A to 48A (depending on motor inductance).
Input Voltage: 115V or 240V single phase +-10% at 50/60Hz.
Field Rating: 2A @ 90% input voltage (For half wave field volts 45% input voltage, connect field to F- and N)
Armature Form Factor: Typical form factor 1.5 (load dependant).
Stall protection @ 150% included

Wall mount in clean environment or cubicle mount.
Rated at -10° to 40°C Ambient.
Heat Loss at Max output: 100W.
Mounting via 2 x M5 by 50mm @ 140mm.

Manufacturer part number is 3200i/32/LN (Also known as 3200i/32/LN-001)

Please note that this item will be supplied with isolated auxiliary terminals 51 to 68 fitted - part no suffix -001​​. These can be ignored if not required by the application.
Auxiliary terminal added features: Unprotected +/- 24V and 12V rails, rated at 25ma and 10ma respectively.
Auxiliary speed and torque inputs. 
Speed demand, speed and setpoint ramp analogue outputs.
Zero speed and stall relay driver outputs.

Download the Sprint 1600-3200i manual below:-