Parker SSD 507 6A 1Q 115V/230V 1ph AC to DC Non Isolated

507-00-20-00 (507/00/20/00)

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Condition: New from Manufacturer with Warranty
Brand: Parker
Range: DC506/507/508

Parker SSD Drives 507 6A Single Quadrant (1Q) DC Thyristor Drive for 230V or 110V single phase AC input.

Typical Motor Power Output:-
230V AC supply:  0.9kW (1.2HP) from 180V DC for motor speed and torque control.
110V AC supply:  0.43kW (0.6HP) from 90V DC Motor.
Simple to set-up in analogue, non-isolated form and ready to run from its default settings.
Size 1: 105mm Wide x 80mm Deep x 140mm High.


  1. Tacho feedback input (or select armature Voltage feedback).
  2. 0V.
  3. Run input - 0V in Speed Control (or +10V in current limit to eliminate the stall protection).
  4. Speed setpoint input.
  5. +10V output for potentiometers and Run signal.
  6. Current limit input, 0/10V = 0/100% Current after preset limit.

Further 6 Auxiliary i/o on pins, including Zero Speed and Health outputs, additional speed setpoint and zero speed trim inputs.

Input Current:  6A to 9A (depending on motor inductance).
Input Voltage:  110V or 230V single phase +-10% at 50/60Hz.

Ambient:  Rated at 40C.
Ventilation space above and below:  50mm, Ventilation space at sides:  0mm.
Heat Loss at max output:  20W.

Mounting:  onto symmetrical DIN rail or panel mount with three screw fixings.

Part number:  507-00-20-00.  Legacy Part Number:  507/00/20/00.  Exactly the same as SSD Drives and Eurotherm Drives branded producting bearing the same legacy part number. Also the same as RS branded part number 507/01/20/00 or 507-01-20-00. Somes specified as 507002000.

Replaces SSD, Eurotherm and Rapier Drives 503 Mini Cube (6A) and Shackleton System Drives 504 (3.5A Plug-in Drive).  Fitted to John Madeley Machinery tension controlled winders and many other speed and current control applications.  Use this product in Current Control for Oerlikon Blanchard grinding machine magnets.

Download the 507 Technical Product Manual from the link below. The 503 Cube Manual (now obsolete) is a link below also: