WEG Thermistor Protector Relay RPW-PTC

10075636 (RPW-PTC-E05)

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Brand: WEG
Range: RW Overload Relays

WEG Automation RPW PTC Relay.

Size: 22.5mm Wide x 85.5mm Deep x 104.77mm. IP20.
Mounting: Directly to a backplate via two 4.8mm holes on 91.3mm fixing centres or fitting to 35mm DIN Rail.

Weight: 0.31kg

Voltage Range: 24-240V ac/dc

Functioning: The RPW-PTC relay has status indication through the LEDs located on the front
of the product. The green LED is ON when the relay is energized. If the monitored temperature
by the PTC is below the defined value of 3.5 kΩ, the red LED will be ON indicating normal
operation. Therefore, if the resistance exceeds the limit of 3.5 kΩ, the relay will instantaneously
switch the output contacts and the red LED will be OFF indicating an over temperature
condition of the motor. The relay will only switch on the 15 and 18 contacts again once the
temperature goes down to normal values.

Additionally, the WEG PTC relay provides sensor testing feature.In case of failure of the PTC
sensors, the green LED will be FLASHING. This feature indicates that the PTC sensors are
either open or in short circuit (20ohms or less).

Supplier part number: 10075636 (RPW-PTC-E05, RPW-PTCE05 or RPWPTCE05)

Download the WEG electronic relays Brochure from the link below.......