Parker SSD LA387599 0.5m CeLite PC Programming Lead for AC & DC Drives


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Programming cable (0.5m) for ConFigEd-Lite and UDP software tools. 9 Pin Serial to connector for the keypad socket or Programming port of older 690P, 590P, 650V, 650G, 650S, 590C, 590, 584SV, 605, 620, 590SPD, 637 and 635 Series AC Variable Frequency Inverter Drives, DC Thyristor Drives and Servo Motion Controllers subject to the release dates and versions below.

Celite Version 6.10 linked below was the last version and was released in October 2008. The main drives and their firmware versions it was used for are as follows.
690+ V5.6
650/650V v 4.12
590+ version 7
590 version 3 & 4

For any later versions of the drives and all new products use new later software (also free to download) linked below.

For 590 Version 1 and 2 use the 'UDP' software linked below.

Ce Lite is also known as Con Fig Ed Lite, Con-Fig-Ed-Lite, Config Ed Lite, ConFigEdLite, C Lite, CLite and any other curruption possible.

If your laptop or pc does not have the 9 pin RS232 socket, add the USB to Serial adaptor - see USB-RS232.

When using this with Inverter Products, make sure the 0V is grounded and your pc is isolated.

SSD part number:  LA387599

Basic Instructions to save you time are:-
1) Load a standard block diagram from the programs drop down to match the drive and its software version you are working on.
2) 'Upload' from the drive via Command/Update to modify the diagram with what is set in the drive.
3) 'Save' the configuration as a new title.
4) Press the number keys on your keyboard to re-size the page.
5) Go to 'File', 'Print Set-up' and select 'Landscape' to remove the grey line down the page.
6) Shift double click any block to see the 'Help' screen with an explanation of each block.
7) Point and click on any 'connection', then delete the connection.
8) Point at the 'connection' pin on any block, click and drag a new connection to any other pin (output to input only).
9) 'Move' unconnected blocks from page to page via the top of the page.
10) Move 'Between Pages' with shift+page-up (or page-down).
11) 'Zoom' in and out by pressing the number keys or drag diagonally across an area.
12) Make a clear 'Additional Page' after the standard pages, if you need to make your 'Own Configuration'.
13) Add explanitory 'Text' via the Draw/Text drop-down.
14) 'Save' your configuration.
15) 'Load' it into the drive via the Command/Install, to put the new configuration into the drive.
16) If you are loading into a 650V, make sure:- APP CONFIG::APPLICATION is set to 'CUSTOM' and not 'STANDARD' as this will prevent any changes being accepted by the drive.  The drive will appear to ignore any changes made to the custom configuration because it is using its inbuilt macro instead.

The 637 and 635 drives must have the small square socket, older products with the small 'D' shaped socket use another lead (search for the 637 Programming Lead).

Download Software:

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