Toshiba VFPS1 - 400kW 400V 3ph AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller


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Obsolete product. Alternatives may be available - see linked products below

Brand: Toshiba
Range: Tosvert VF-PS1

Toshiba Tosvert VF-PS1 Series AC Frequency Inverter for 400kW (600HP) 400V 3 Ph Fan/Pump in VxF or Sensorless Vector control to 759A. Simple set-up and ready to run from its default settings.

Size O: 880mm Wide x 1150mm High x 370mm Deep (390mm Wide x 1390mm High with included DC Reactor unit fitted). IP00

Overload - 120% x 60 seconds, 135% x 2 seconds.
Speed Control Range - 0-500Hz.
Braking - None (external option - adds 420mm to width)

Features - 3 x Analogue Inputs, 6 Digital Inputs, 2 Analogue Outputs, 2 Digital Outputs and one relay output. RS-485 Modbus communication port.
'Safe Stop' function to SIL 2.
Input Current - 709A
Input Voltage - 380-480V Three Phase + 10% - 15% at 50/60Hz ± 5%
EMC Filters to IEC61800-3 Category C3, EN55011 Class A Group 2 (Industrial)

Wall mount in clean environment or cubicle mount.
Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space above - 300mm.
Ventilation space below - 300mm.
Ventilation space at sides - 50mm.
Heat Loss at max output - 9433W.
Inverter Mounting via 5 x 11mm bolts on 836mm x 1120mm centres at rear (fifth bolt top centre).
DC Reactor Mounting directly above Inverter via 8 x 11mm bolts at rear.

Full part number is - VFPS1-4400KPC

Download the VFPS1 Manual from the link below...