LS Starvert iS7 - 37kW/45kW 400V - AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller


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Condition: New with Warranty
Brand: LS, Range: Starvert iS7

LS Industrial Systems Starvert iS7 AC Frequency Inverter for 37kW (50HP) 400V 3 Ph motor to 75A at high overload, or 45kW (60HP) to 91A when Fan/Pump rated. Operates in VxF, Sensorless (Open Loop) Flux Vector control or Closed Loop Flux Vector (with optional encoder feedback card). Simple set-up and ready to run from its default settings.

** Please note that this product has been superceded with the S100 Series (see linked products below). The manufacturer recommends that all users should migrate to the S100 before the iS7 is made obsolete**

No Keypad included - see linked products below for keypad option and equivalent with keypad.

Dimensions - 300mm Wide x 300.4mm Deep x 594mm high. IP21.

Overload - 150% x 60 seconds, 200% for 2 seconds (37kW High Overload).
Overload - 110% x 60 seconds (45kW Fan/Pump rated).
Speed Control Range - 0-400Hz.
Braking - None (option).

Features - Features - Modbus RTU, 2 x Analogue Inputs, 8 Digital Inputs, 2 x Analogue Outputs, 1 x Digital Output, 2 x Relay Contact sets.
Programmable from a PC via 'Drive View'.
EMC Filters - None. See linked products below for external EMC Filter option.

Input Current - 69A at High Overload, 109A when Fan/Pump rated.
Input Voltage - 380-480V three phase +10%, -15% at 50/60Hz ±5%.

PCB’s protected to 90%RH as standard.
Wall mount in clean environment or cubicle mount.
Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space above and below - 500mm.
Ventilation space at sides - 200mm.
4 x 10mm diameter mountings at rear for mounting.

Full part number is - SV0370iS7-4NOD

Download the LS Starvert iS7 Manual from the link below:-